Monday, September 23, 2013

What "Puppy Doe" Can Teach Us

From the Boston Herald, we get news of the death of a tortured dog. In response to this news, I wrote this letter:

I was saddened to read about the torture and subsequent death of the dog deemed "Puppy Doe." What the public outcry about these kinds of events misses, however, is that these kinds of events are not abnormal at all.

Literally billions of animals are essentially tortured and killed every year in the US in the ubiquitous practice of animal agriculture. The animals on whom we impose suffering and death for use in food, clothing, and entertainment have lives that are just as valuable as the life that was stolen from Puppy Doe. Their pain is just as real.

If we reject the unnecessary and unjustified abuse that this dog endured as morally offensive, then we must also reject the widespread use of animals in which such abuse is constant and unavoidable. This means becoming vegan. That is, we should stop consuming any animals products, and advocate ending the exploitation of our fellow creatures.

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